Recent Work

Hobart Dawn

I recently spent a weekend in Hobart. I didn't take many photographs because, well, it wasn't that kind of trip.

I did get up early one morning and drove to the summit of Mount Wellington, where it was 2.7 degrees, with crazy winds making it feel like -8.2 degrees. The drive back down was much more pleasant, so I stopped when I saw this golden dawn light falling on the foothills and Lenah Valley.

Tasmania Day 3 - Chasing Waterfalls

Lots and lots of driving today, interspersed with some visits to waterfalls.

First up, just outside of Strahan, was Hogarth Falls.

Next stop was Nelson Falls, just inside the Franklin-Gordon World Heritage area. I couldn’t get a good shot of the falls here, since they were in bright sun and surrounded by dark forest. So, I turned my attention to the flow through the rocks at the base of the falls.

Afterwards, I called in to Lake St Clair for a quick break…

and was joined by this Black Currawong who wanted to share my lunch.

From there it was on to Mount Field National Park, where I took the short walk to Russell and Horseshoe Falls.

Tasmania Day 2 - Cradle Mountain

I hadn’t planned to come to Cradle Mountain, but when I got up this morning, I had an urge. So, that’s where I went, right after a brief stroll amongst the pebbles on the beach at Mersey Bluff in Devonport.

Last time I was at Cradle Mountain was in 2003, when Kylie and I walked the Overland Track. This is the Ronny’s Creek Boardwalk, one of the start options for the track, and the one that we took in 2003. Although today I was only going as far as Crater Lake, as soon as I stepped out, I had a hankering to do the whole walk again. One day.

Heading up the mountain to Crater Falls,  I soon realised that I’m going to have to get a hell of a lot fitter before I do it though.

The water in Crater Lake is ridiculously clear.