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Misty Morning

(or, when options come in handy)

Photographers often say "the best camera is the one you have with you", meaning any camera, even if it's just your phone, is better than no camera. While that's true, yesterday's outing demonstrated the benefits of sometimes overpacking and giving yourself a few options to choose from.

I had planned to make a trip to Mount Tamborine, to walk and photograph the Palm Grove and Jenyns Circuit bushwalks. Since this loop is around 5km, I initially decided to just bring my light camera. But at the last minute I thought that, with the recent warmer weather, I might see some snakes beginning to emerge after winter. So, I left the big, heavy camera with the 70-200mm lens in the bag as well.

Good choice. As I drove through the fogged-in valley before heading up the mountain, I noticed some horses off in a misty paddock to the right. I checked for oncoming traffic, u-turned and parked beside the road. The horses were a little way off in the field, so the 18-55mm lens on the little camera really wouldn't have been useful. So, out with the 70-200mm for a few photographs before continuing up the mountain.

The photos from the bush walk were nothing worth sharing, so present-Heath is pretty pleased with past-Heath for his incredible foresight. Didn't see any snakes, either.


Hokkaido Day 6

We're now in Japan's most northern city of Wakkanai, where we will spend the next couple of days exploring the coast before making our way across the north of the island and down the east coast.

On the drive today, we stopped suddenly on the highway when someone noticed a fox and a couple of Stellar's Sea Eagles feeding on a deer carcass in the snow. I was reminded of this post by David duChemin, who is travelling with us, when my attempt at a photograph of the fox failed because I still had the shutter on a 2-second timer from a previous landscape location. I hit the button and the beeps started. By the time the shutter released the shot was missed. But, I recovered in time to get this shot of one of the eagles coming in to take advantage of the newly vacated buffet.

And now, for a few more in what is in danger of becoming my "Twigs of Hokkaido" series.

Snoring Snoopy

Snoopy, doing what Snoopy does best. Sleeping on the couch with one eye slightly open.

This shot was processed in Lightroom using one of Matt Warrell's Summer Lightroom Presets as a starting point. I'll have a review of the presets sometime soon, but if you don't want to wait, you can pick them up here for $15.

Monkey Magic

We spent the morning at the Arashiyama Monkey Park, an area where around 140 wild monkeys live. I took some photos.

That almost - almost - makes up for not getting a chance to go to the monkey hot springs near Nagano.

Followed by a stroll through the famous bamboo grove.